Rules & Regulations


  • All exhibitions must be the bone fide property of the exhibitor.
  • The decision of Judges in all matters will be final.
  • The committee & those acting on behalf of the committee (stewards) shall have the right to refuse any person admission to the show grounds.
  • Exhibitors will be responsible for having exhibits shown in a proper manner and numbered according to the show catalogue. The show committee will not accept liability for any error in the numbering of an exhibit being displayed or for loss or damage to an exhibit. The secretary will supply numbers on the morning of the show.
  • The committee reserve the right to cancel a class/classes or to have some classes amalgamated on the grounds of insufficient entries.
  • No refund of Entry Fees in any class will be made in the case of entries which do not come forward for competition, or which are disqualified from competition for failure to comply with regulations.
  • Any person who abuses or insults officers, committee, judges, shall be debarred from competing in future shows.
  • Entry fees must accompany the entry form and failure to do this will incur a late entry surcharge of €5 per exhibit/class on the day.
  • No person shall be allowed to enter the judging ring with judges in any class except the stewards of that class and those in charge of the animals. No steward shall officiate in any class in which he/she is an exhibitor or wear his/her steward's badge while showing such exhibits.
  • Any exhibitor interfering with judging will be disqualified.
  • No animal shall enter the judging ring wearing a Rosette, except in champion of the show classes.
  • 1st Prize winners are not eligible to compete in any other class except overall championship.
  • Horses in classes where height is a qualification shall be measured and this measurement shall hold good in all competition during the show. For Ponies any dispute or complaint in respect of the Height Certificate must be referred to the I.P.S. Measuring Scheme sub-committee.
  • In Cattle classes all animals must come from Herds which are officially TB free, and the herd and relevant animals must have had clear test within the previous 12 months.
  • All Bovines must bear double plastic tags as issued under the Department’s identification system and must be accompanied by their  Passports.
  • Certificates for pedigrees must be produced when necessary.
  • In accordance with the ruling of the I.S.A. and S.J.A.I. 5%/10% of prize money will be deducted and forwarded to them.
  • Points are as follows   1st - 3,   2nd - 2,   and 3rd - 1.
  • Any objections to the exhibits must be lodged in writing stating full particulars, with a deposit of €50 with the Secretary within half an hour of the section having been judged.
  • Entries will only be accepted when accompanied by entry fees for each class and in the case of horse and pony entries these must state state breeding & I.H.R. no.
  • No entries accepted by telephone.  Entries accepted by email.
  • To be eligible to enter in confined classes, Owners AND/OR Exhibits must be resident/stabled on a permanent basis in the East Clare area as defined in this schedule.  Confined to East Clare Area to be defined as Scariff, Mountshannon, Whitegate, Tuamgraney, Ogonnelloe, Killaloe, Bodyke, Killalena, Flagmount, Feakle, Tulla, Broadford, Kilkishen & O’Callaghan Mills.
  • The Committee of the Show, and the landowners, accept no liability whatsoever for any damage, deterioration or otherwise in respect of any person, animal, vehicle or property. Attendance or participation in the Show implies acceptance of this Rule. The "Participant" further irrevocably authorises and accepts to be exclusively responsible for any damage or injury caused, direct or otherwise, accidental or otherwise by him or her or his/her animal, vehicle or property, and indemnifies the Scariff Show Society and its members in respect thereof. Further and in particular, it is acknowledged by the "Participant" that the person handling any animal on his or her behalf participating in the Show will be a person other than a minor and with ability and competence and experience to do so.
  • Trade Stands must be "booked in" one month before show date providing a copy of their insurance details. Tel: 087 3667711.


Official ISA rules can be found here.